The On The Go Moving Story: Here’s What We do and Why

Moving can be a tricky business. Furniture, boxes, household items are all packed neatly into a truck and moved to a new location where the process is reversed. Individuals and families anticipating a move often have a picturesque impression of moving, where everyone is smiling and everything goes as planned. And, that can be the case with Seattle moving services.

on the go moving


However, moving is rarely that easy, and that’s why you need a professional team to help you through the process. The situation can be stressful, and our clients often find that they’re incredibly relieved that they requested our services to help facilitate their move.

Moving is a huge transition. A new place, a new life, a new situation – there is a lot of change involved in moving and that can result in added emotions and consequent stress. We can take that stress out of your move.

So, we’re here to explain to you how we approach the moving process and why:

A) We’re focused on efficiency, but not speed.

Mistakes are made when speed is the primary objective. So, our teams work in an orderly, efficient fashion, ensuring the safety of your items and that we avoid breakage. It’s not about speed, it’s about quality service, and that’s our focus.

B) We see jobs through to the end.

Some moving companies do part of the job and leave their clients to do the rest. Tasks are left unfinished, spaces are left unattended to, and the clients are left wondering where their movers made off to. You won’t have this problem with our teams here at On The Go Moving. We’re dedicated to seeing the job through to the end and making sure that you receive the service that you need.

C) We’re a dependable group of guys.

The years of experience that we have under our belt is proof that we know what we’re doing. We’ve wrapped hundreds of couches, so yours is safe with us. At the end of the day, you’ll feel sure that we had your best interests in mind, and you’ll feel confident in a job well done.

D) We’re flexible during the moving process.

As with each and every move we’ve done, difficulties arise and plans change. There are times when parking issues, narrow stairwells, elevators, or a need for additional movers will shake  things up a little. However, our experience and skill allows us to handle those hurdles with ease and agility.

E) We’re meticulous about communication.

It is vital that you always understand our plan for the moving process and that we’re communicating about your needs, desires, and preferences. Not only is this simply good practice, but it will ease the process of the move considerably. You’ll always know what’s happening, because that’s how it should be.

If you’re interested in our services, please give us a call. A 10 minute conversation will get you scheduled with us, and we can talk through some details as well. As the day of your move gets closer, we’ll be in further communication with you regarding logistics and personnel needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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